In just over four years, Yoko-Zuna have established themselves as one of the most exciting bands in NZ and a favourite on the festival circuit with their combination of unique electronic/hip-hop compositions and a fantastic live show.

With the release of their debut album, This Place Here, in 2015, Yoko-Zuna announced themselves to the greater music scene with an album showcasing a combination of  sub-electronic frequencies, melodic moments, and immense bass-synth-fuelled drops. The album combined Yoko-Zuna’s unique instrumental sound with some of the country’s most talented vocalists including David Dallas, Bailey Wiley and Team Dynamite.

May 2016 saw Yoko-Zuna release the Luminols EP. Featuring some of NZ’s biggest vocalists in P-Digsss, Laughton Kora & Tom Scott, along with the fresh talents of Lukan Raisey, HEAVY & Larzranda, the EP shows a band infusing electronic/hip-hop with their own inimitable sound. 

2017 saw the band establish themselves as a festival favourite, and began work towards their second album. Road tested across NZ and a number of Australian shows, the album shows a band becoming more confident in their own sound.

Keyboards, Synths, Bass / Frank Eliesa
 Drums, Percussion, Samples / Swap Gomez
Guitars, Bass / Kenji Iwamitsu-Holdaway
Saxophone, Samples, Keyboards / Jong-Yun Lee

 Frank Eliesa

Frank Eliesa

 Swap Gomez

Swap Gomez

 Kenji Iwamitsu-Holdaway

Kenji Iwamitsu-Holdaway

 Jong-Yun Lee

Jong-Yun Lee


yoko-zuna live

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news & updates

'THE Love craft Mixtape' feat. P-Money


R&A WARM UP SHOw announced

Start to the summer will be epic. With Drax ProjectJoe Kay & AMA LOU too? Excited for R&A this year!
Click below for tickets:


'Influencis et  Collabis' out now

Love to our friends at Latinaotearoa. Collabed on the track ‘Luz y Fiesta’. Have a listen, out on all good outlets!

'Chunky munky'  video out now

Directed by Swap Gomez.
Produced by Monax Sanei.
Special S/O to Indiance NZ & our homie Raj Singh.